BTFE Costco 2

More BTFE Costco news.

Ziploc bags come in all sizes. I’m sure there is one that suits your need. Ziploc at Costco comes with bonus BTFE. You can earn between 4 to 8 BTFE for every purchase of Ziploc bags. These bags are great for marinating steak or storing food for later use.


Also for those who want to keep their toilet bowl clean all the time. Costco has a sale on Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowler Cleaner, 4 Pack.  Now that’s enough to keep the toilet bowl sparkling clean for at least a year. The product comes with 10 BTFE, which is quite a deal.


If you do end up buying these products and don’t need the BTFE, I will be more than happy to take the BTFE, =).  Thank you in advance!!

Happy  Box Tops Clipping.

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